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Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities for Summer 2014

It’s summer! Have a little bit of free time on your hands? Want to work in the outdoors for the outdoors? Then Burns Bog is the place for you! Burns Bog Conservation Society is always looking for passionate individuals with a variety of skills to save the Bog. In other words, we’re looking for people [...]

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CCC Delta’s Commitment to the Local Environment

In these busy weeks of planning leading up to this year’s Jog for the Bog, the Burns Bog Conservation Society is lucky to be getting help and support from Canada Colors & Chemicals. CCC has helped us for years during both the planning process of the event as well as being active supporters and givers [...]

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Have a say on the fate of the Pacific Water Shrew!

The Canadian Wildlife Service and the Government of Canada are working to save the Pacific Water Shrew, the largest type of shrew in North America. It’s an endangered species. This shrew makes its home in our Lower Mainland backyard. It can be found right here in Burns Bog! Have a say on this rodent’s fate. [...]

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Boardwalk Repair Day this Saturday, June 14!

Are you handy with a love of working outdoors for a good cause? …then book off Saturday, June 14! The boardwalk at Burns Bog is in desperate need of repair and it needs your help! Come out Saturday to burn some calories and help make sure Burns Bog is enjoyed for future generations to come. Time: 10am-4pm [...]

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

…and by recycling trash into treasure, you are saving the Bog! Start by coming to the upcoming Garage Sale at the office. When: June 28th, 10am-3pm Where: outside the Burns Bog Conservation Society office (behind the Greek Village restaurant) at 4-7953 120th street, in Delta What: Find hidden household gems at the annual Burns Bog [...]

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Upcoming Summer Events at the Bog

Hello Bogateers! Summer is coming up fast! What better way to soak up the sun than by coming to summer events at the Bog? Discover nature, explore, and help save Burn’s Bog by having fun! Registration for all these events is now open. “Building for the Future” Fundraising Golf Tournament Date: Saturday, June 21 (11:00am-9:00pm) [...]

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