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Coming Up: The September 27th Garage Sale!

  The Burns Bog Conservation Society is pleased to announce we are having a Garage Sale on Saturday, September 27, 9am – 4pm.   What: Bring in something old. Bring back something new. Recycle your trash into treasure and help save Burns Bog at the same time. Our June garage sale was so successful we’re [...]

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Join us in Repairing the Boardwalk

  A big thank you to everyone who took part in our last Boardwalk Repair Day! Thanks to you, people will be able to enjoy the Delta Nature Reserve for years to come!   Although the last Boardwalk Repair Day was successful, there is much work yet to be done. In the future we plan [...]

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Thank you for Supporting the Annual Book Sale!

  The Burns Bog Conservation Society would like to express our thanks to everyone who supported the Annual Book Sale which took place at Scottsdale Centre last week. Together we managed to raise over $2300 for the protection of Burns Bog!   Whether you donated books or attended the sale, give yourself a big pat [...]

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Jog for the Bog 2014 Results + Photos!

Thank you to the joggers, sponsors, donors, performers, exhibitors, volunteers, and staff for making this year’s Jog for the Bog the biggest one ever! There were 89 runners on the 10K race and 105 runners on the 5K race. 211 people registered in total. First runner in the 10K finished in 36:26.1! First runner in [...]

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Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities for Summer 2014

It’s summer! Have a little bit of free time on your hands? Want to work in the outdoors for the outdoors? Then Burns Bog is the place for you! Burns Bog Conservation Society is always looking for passionate individuals with a variety of skills to save the Bog. In other words, we’re looking for people [...]

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CCC Delta’s Commitment to the Local Environment

In these busy weeks of planning leading up to this year’s Jog for the Bog, the Burns Bog Conservation Society is lucky to be getting help and support from Canada Colors & Chemicals. CCC has helped us for years during both the planning process of the event as well as being active supporters and givers [...]

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