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Barred Owl Spotted in the DNR!

August 27, 2015 (9:30am) – Our Education Coordinator (Maureen Vo) saw this hidden gem in the Delta Nature Reserve.  Owls are a nocturnal species so it is often quite rare to get a glimpse of them! The Barred Owl (Strix varia) is native to North America.  It is best known as the hoot owl for [...]

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The Burns Bog Conservation Society and Delta Residents Association are hosting a Public Meeting for all the Delta Candidates. This is your chance to come and “Meet Your Candidates” and ask them questions. The meeting will commence at the North Delta Evangelical Free Church starting at 1:30pm.  There is plenty of free parking available. See [...]

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$10.5 million Bog study turns up the heat!

A $10.5 million study in Minnesota is probing how some of Earth’s most sensitive ecosystems — in this case, carbon-rich peatlands — will respond to climate change. “Although they cover just 3% of Earth’s surface, peatlands contain roughly one-third of the planet’s terrestrial carbon stores. As temperatures rise, bogs are expected to release more carbon, [...]

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Beer & Wine Sampling Acknowledgments

THANKS TO ALL OUR SPONSORS, DONORS, & PARTICIPANTS The Burns Bog Conservation Society ended off our Summer Events with a bang and we couldn’t have done it without YOUR HELP!  Together, you helped raise a tremendous amount of funds for Burns Bog!  Thank you to the 156 participants that helped make this event the entertaining [...]

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