BC Students can take part in our 3rd Annual Art Contest

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 The Burns Bog Conservation Society is kicking off its 3rd annual art contest, “A Bog’s Life!”
This art contest is open to all BC elementary & high school students.

Students can create any form of art (e.g. drawing,  photography, sculpture, painting, etc) to illustrate Burns bog’s environment, wildlife, or the Delta Nature Reserve. Art pieces must represent some aspect of Burns Bog/ the Delta Nature Reserve.

The Prize Breakdown will be as follows:

- Kindergarten to Grade 1
- Grades 2 to Grades 4
- Grades 5 to Grades 7
- Grades 8 to Grades 10
- Grades 11 to Grades 12

Art forms will be divided into 4 prize categories:

- Painting
- Drawings
- Photography (Only for Grades 8-12)
- 3D (Nest, Sculpture, Pottery, Structure)

Your work can be featured in our 2018/2019 school calendar! (details following)


The deadline to submit your entry is January 15, 2018.

There will be a public showing of art entries. Date and location to be announced at a later time.

Art Contest Submission Form

Art can be submitted to our office:

4-7953 120 Street, Delta, BC V4C 6P6 | 604-572-0373 | art@burnsbog.org