Burns Bog Fire 100% Contained.

The fire that broke out in Burns Bog on July 3 is now 100% contained and Highway 17 has been reopened. A region of the road was closed as a precautionary measure after gusts of wind caused the flames to spread. Some businesses in the Tilbury Industrial area were temporarily evacuated. This closure, along with favourably wet weather conditions, helped with the quick containment of the fire. Fire crews remain on the scene as the fire is still an estimated 78 hectares in size.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The scientific advisory panel for Burns Bog has been contacted to evaluate the bog’s condition. While most of the peat bog is expected to regenerate, it could take as long as a century for the whole area to recover. The Mayor has since called for people to stay away from the bog.

Do you think we should allow controlled public access, so people can see the beauty of Burns Bog for themselves and fully appreciate the need to protect it?

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