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Can you escape our new hair-raising fundraiser?

You are trapped in an alternate reality where you and your friends or family sneak into Burns Bog on All Hallows’ Eve. Tethered to the land are the eight souls of World War II soldiers, killed by bombs made of the very peat you are standing on!

You must free their souls, or risk being trapped here with them…forever!

Sounds spooky, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, there are spooky elements to this new adventure, but rest-assured, this escape is family-friendly. You can bring your kids to this puzzle solving adventure.

Burns Bog Escape: Spectral Soldiers

Date: October 28 – October 31.

Time: 5-10pm

Place: 10388 Nordel Court in Delta

Time slots can be booked at www.bogescape.ca.

The fastest group of 4 through will win tickets & membership to Time Escape Games!

EARLY BIRD PRICING (now til October 15):
Kids ( up to 18 years of age) = $10
Adults = $20

Late Registration (After October 15):
Kids = $15
Adults = $30

All proceeds from this event go towards the Burns Bog Conservation Society.


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