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Happy Robbie Burns Day!

Start up the bagpipes and bring out the haggis! Today is Robbie Burn’s day, or as it is commonly called, Burn’s Night. Every year Scots around the world honor Scotland’s best poet. The celebration takes place every year on his birthday, January 25th.  The evening is a mix of song, speeches and food.

To start off, a prayer known as the Selkirk Grace is made in the Scottish tongue. If a bagpipe player is present then the meal begins with the serving of Haggis to the sound of bagpipes. Two more speeches are made known as “Address to the Haggis” and “Toast to the Haggis” before guests can eat.

An old-fashioned meal is served with haggis, a side of mashed turnips, swedes, and potatoes. To drink there is Scottish Whiskey (Peat is a key ingredient in Scottish Whiskey. It gives it that signature smoky flavor)!  For dessert there is cranachan (A mix of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries, with toasted oatmeal) or Tipsy Laird (whisky trifle) followed by oatcakes and cheese.

The evening will then end with the host asking a guest to give the vote of thanks. This means guests will stand up, join hands and sing “Auld Lange Syne” one of Robert Burns’s most famous works.

Best of wishes to you and your loved ones this Burns Night!

Sincerely, Burns Bog Conservation Society

Sign the Petition to Save Endangered Wildlife in Your Backyard

Burns Bog Conservation Society Petitions Federal Government

The Burns Bog Conservation Society launched its petition on November 16th, 2017, asking the Federal Government to enforce the Species at Risk Act legislation on boglands owned by MK Delta Lands Group and the Beedie Group (Pineland Peat).

MK Delta and Pineland Peat

The Federal Government set the precedent by stopping land development in La Prairie, Quebec.  The Western Chorus frog (Pseudacris Triseriata) was at risk. This little frog is so small it can fit on your index finger. The Federal Government issued the order June 17, 2016. It effectively cut the planned development by 171 units.

There is more than one endangered species living on MK Delta Land Group’s land and Pineland Peat. And it’s time they were protected!

There are red and blue-listed species at risk on these lands!

Animals At Risk

These species depend on Burns Bog to give them a home. They simply don’t have anywhere else to go.

Insect populations are plummeting drastically, according to recent reports.  This has a severe impact on wildlife and people. Insects are needed for pollination and feeding the birds.

We talk about the ‘birds and the bees’ being threatened when peatlands like Burns Bog are destroyed.  We forget their role in the health of our fish, especially our salmon. Cool iron-laden water from the bog is key to their long-term survival. The salmon mill around at the mouth of the Fraser until the water is cool enough for them to head up-river to spawn.

Scientists in Europe have found that regenerated peatlands return to 90% of their former efficiency in storing carbon. Saving our disappearing peatlands is key if Canada is to meet its Climate Action goals.


I know you and I can’t do a lot to help stop the loss of wildlife elsewhere, but we can do something about it in our own backyard. That’s why I’m asking you to help me stop the destruction of our endangered wildlife right here in Delta!

Please sign the petition. Ask your friends and family to sign the petition.
Send your gift today to help me keep up the fight.

For now, the petition is available as a downloadable PDF. Please return your printed copy with as many signatures as you can get to:

4-7953 120th Street
Delta, BC
V4C 6P6

Any Canadian citizen can sign the petition!

Thank you,

Eliza Olson, President

If you are looking to spend a few hours volunteering to stuff, seal, and count envelopes, call our office
at 604-572-0373, or send us an email at

Download your copy of the petition here!

Click here to read more about the Species at Risk Act

Click here to learn more about red and blue-listed species in British Columbia

Make a donation to help the Society keep up the fight!


We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

Thank you to our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and supporters. Here are some of the things that you helped us achieve together this year.

— Accomplishments of 2017 —

- More than 62,000 of you came to visit the Delta Nature Reserve this year!
- A brand new outdoor classroom was built in the Nature Reserve, thanks to you!
- You gave 2,541 BC students the chance to explore Burns Bog on an interactive nature walk!
- Over 411 youth were active and learning outside at our Annual Stepping into Nature Festival, because of your gifts!
- More than 404 of you joined us at one of our 2017 events!
- You gave 137 kids the chance to make happy outdoor memories at Burns Bog Summer Day Camps!
- With your help, children across 9 different municipalities took part in our education programs!
- Over 920 guests experienced the Bog in a whole new way, through the thrilling mysteries of our Bog Escape Series!
- As of 2017, 18 memorial benches have been placed throughout the Delta Nature Reserve!
- And that doesn’t even account for the people who benefited from our boardwalk, started and completed by our sponsors and volunteers.

You continue to be a voice for Burns Bog when you continue to care.

Your gift today ensures you, your loved ones and your neighbours enjoy Burns Bog & the Delta Nature Reserve for years to come.


Give your gift today!


If you make your gift online before 9pm PST on December 31, you will get your 2017 tax receipt.

Thank you,

The Burns Bog Team
Staff: Eliza, Evelyn,  Marcello, Mark, Nathalie
Our Board: Derek, Edward, David, Porsha, Nancy,  Liz, and Richard
& all of our dedicated volunteers

12 Days of Giving

Your gifts have touched thousands of people in your community, and we need your help to reach even more!

This holiday season, make your gift matter.

When you give to the Society, 100% of your donations are used to protect Burns Bog.

For donations over $10, we automatically send you a charitable tax receipt.


Adopt an Animal to Protect the Wildlife that Depend on Burns Bog

Is there someone on your list this year who is difficult to buy for? Adopt an Animal in the name of your friend or family member.  Click HERE to see our collection of animals up for “adoption.”




Buy a Burns Bog Teacher Resource Manual for Your Favourite Teacher

Still thinking about what to get your favourite teacher for Christmas? How about a Teacher Resource manual? With Activities and Worksheets to match curriculum from grades K-12, any teacher would love this gift! Click HERE to check out our selection of Burns Bog Teacher Manuals.




Give to Get Kids Outside at Burns Bog Summer Day Camps

Every child deserves the chance to discover and explore Burns Bog. Your gift today will get kids outside this summer at Burns Bog Summer Day Camps! Click HERE to make your donation!




Sign our Petition to Protect Rare and Endangered Species in Burns Bog

The Burns Bog Conservation Society has created a petition to enact the Federal Species At Risk Act (SARA) and protect wildlife in Burns Bog. Your signature gives a home to animals that depend on Burns Bog. Click HERE to sign today!




Become a Sponsor for One of Our Yearly Events

Did you know that people are more likely to choose a company that supports a cause? Raise your corporate profile by supporting the Burns Bog Conservation Society. Click HERE to see a list of Burns Bog Events! Call us at 604-572-0373 to discuss sponsorship opportunities today!




Give to Get Students Active and Learning Outside on a Burns Bog Field Trip!

With your help, we can give even more students a chance to learn more about Burns Bog and how we can protect it. Click HERE to give students a Field Trip they’ll remember!




Help us Stuff & Seal Envelopes to Spread the Word About Our Petition to Protect Animals in Burns Bog

Volunteers, we need your help to spread the word about the unique and wonderful Burns Bog! Do you have a few hours to stuff and seal envelopes? Give us a call at 604-572-0373 or email us at to sign up today!




Help us by Donating Items on Our Wishlist

We’re looking for donations of the following items:

- Toilet Paper
- Computer Paper (8.5x11” & 11x17”)
- 2-3 working computer monitors (22”)
- Goodies for volunteers (cookies, nuts)
- Tote Boxes
- Ergonomic Computer Chairs
- DSLR Camera
- 6’ plastic folding tables
- Plastic ‘school’ chairs for kids
- Fabric Paints
- Large suitcase with wheels
- Corelle lunch/dinner plates

If you can help, call our office at 604-572-0373 or send us an email at


Turn Your Holiday Event Into a Festive Fundraiser

Celebrate the holiday season by planning a party with a purpose. Trade in the gift-exchange for a donation box, put out a collection jar at the open bar, choose the winner of the holiday bake off by voting with your pocket change! Click HERE to check out our step-by-step guide to planning your festive fundraiser this holiday season.




Give to Support Our Outdoor Leadership Program: Stepping into Nature

The Stepping into Nature Festival connects environmental experts with local youth, and trains them to be environmental leaders in their community! Click HERE to inspired our youth to become eco-leaders of the future!


Buy a Burns Bog Mug and T-shirt for Your Friends and Family

Show your support by sporting our Society swag! Click HERE to check out our coffee mugs and T-shirts!




Give a Donation to Protect Burns Bog for Future Generations by Supporting the Burns Bog Foundation!

Have you heard of the Burns Bog Conservation Foundation? The Foundation manages endowment funds and capital campaigns to support the ongoing work of the Society. Help us create a Burns Bog Interpretive Centre! Your gift today will protect Burns Bog for future generations. Click HERE to support the Burns Bog Conservation Foundation!

Here’s your simple guide to turn your holiday into a Burns Bog Fundraiser

Along with our annual traditions of making merry with family and friends, we’re often reminded that this is a time of year for giving back. So, why not bring both of these traditions together for the ultimate feel-good holiday event!

Step 1: Pick Your Event-Type

Maybe you already have an annual holiday event in mind, or maybe you want to start a brand new tradition. Either way, anything can be a fundraiser! A staff party, family gift exchange, holiday bake off, corporate event, snowball fight, achieving a fitness goal… literally anything!

Step 2: Invite Your Guests

Give your guests the heads-up that this is more than just a party, it’s a Festive Fundraiser! Bring your wallet, folks.

Step 3: Add Incentive to Give

Give your guests a reason to support your cause. Trade-in you gift exchange for a donation box. Ask for pledges to compete in your holiday bake-off. Get Creative! Tom Edwards, for example, left a donation jar on the open bar at his appreciation dinner. His guests gave $450!

Step 4: Presenting Your Donation

You can give the money you raised online, over the phone, by mail, or simply stop by our office! We will be so happy to hear from you! (see our contact info below.)

Step 5: Feel Good!

Tell your guests how much you raised together. You’ll all feel good about paying it forward by giving back!

TIP: Third-party Fundraising works all year round, not just during the winter holidays. Raise your corporate profile by showing you care!


Burns Bog Conservation Society
4-7953 120 Street Delta BC V4C 6P6

604.572.0373 |

Looking for the perfect gift for the animal-lover in your life?

With this collection of local animals, you’re likely to find the perfect gift for the nature-lover in your life!

For only $33, you can help protect this globally unique ecosystem and the animals that live here.  Your help extends beyond this holiday season.

You will get an adoption certificate package that makes a great gift for any occasion. Every animal adoption comes with its own personal adoption certificate & fun facts about the animal you choose. Adopt one for yourself or for the nature-lover in your life – just let us know who to dedicate the animal to!

Animal options:
Greater Sandhill Crane, Black-tailed deer, Pacific tree frog, Snowshoe hare, Barn owl, Painted turtle, Southern red-backed vole, Banana slug


Click here to adopt your animal today!

Each certificate includes a charitable tax receipt for the full cost.


You’re Invited to Celebrate Giving Tuesday with us!

Giving Tuesday is National Giving Day

On Giving Tuesday, November 28, help the Burns Bog Conservation Society by giving a gift. Giving Tuesday is a day celebrating donation and volunteering activities that support all charities across Canada. Giving Tuesday is more than a moment; it’s a movement. Find out how you can give and how the Society is paying it forward by reading below.

This Giving Tuesday, let’s make a lasting impression on today’s youth. With over 2,500 kids already reconnecting with nature through our education programs, YOU hold the power to engage even more. With your gift, you will help save, inspire, and educate children of all ages, about the importance of their natural environment – like Burns Bog and other peatlands.

So what are you waiting for? Make a difference today!

#GetKidsOutside this Giving Tuesday

Peatlands and Climate Change

“Peatlands are wetlands with a thick layer of organic soil. Peatlands cover only three percent of the global land area, but they store 30 percent of the world’s soil carbon.

In many parts of the world peatlands are drained and used for agriculture and forestry. When drained, peatlands become net sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. According to FAOSTAT estimates they contribute up to 1 Gigaton of GHG emissions per year through oxidation. This makes them the third largest emitter after crop and livestock agriculture and net forest conversion. 

In addition, draining peatlands changes vegetation cover, erodes biodiversity, lowers water quality, increases the frequency of fires, causes land subsidence and can lead to other negative environmental consequences.”

To continue reading, click here!

Burns Bog is a raised bog ecosystem covering approximately 3,000 hectares of the Fraser River delta between the south arm of the Fraser River and Boundary Bay. The largest undeveloped urban landmass in North America, Burns Bog is globally unique because of its chemistry, form, flora and large size.

Though it took sphagnum mosses over 3000 years to form the Bog, human beings have destroyed half of it in the last century. Burns Bog has been isolated from surrounding areas by development. The animal population has been greatly reduced, and and some species have been pushed out entirely. Human development has harmed the bog’s water table and threatens its very survival. Highway 91, built in 1986, and the South Fraser Perimeter Road have cut directly into the bog, causing serious and lasting damage.

Peatlands and climate change go hand in hand.
View and download the “Peatland and Climate Change” info-graphic here!

Beer & Wine Sampling Night a huge hit!

The Burns Bog Beer and Wine Sampling Night was a huge hit! Over 90+ people attending made it a huge success!

“A BIG thank you” goes out to our sponsors (Four Winds Brewing, Peller Estates, Campari, and Strawberry Hill De Dutch with their gift certificates), silent auction donors (Backyard Vineyards, Luxe Beauty Lounge, Krause Berry Farms & Estates Winery, and especially Mayme Uyede), guests, volunteers, and hardworking staff. An even BIGGER thank you to pub One20 for hosting last night.

The appetizers were as tasty as ever, Lesismore music was as fantastic as always. No matter where you looked, people were having a good time.

Pub One20 really helped this year. Their marketing was great; the food was great, overall, great! You could see many happy guests using their $20 gift certificates.

Mark your calendars for August 16, 2018! Don’t forget to check out our website. Some people missed out this year because they didn’t.


Want to view some images of the event? Click HERE.


Jog for the Bog 2017 was a success!

The sun was peeking through her blinds. Lauren Wolfe, the Event Coordinator for Jog for the Bog, made sure her alarm went off at the crack of dusk for the biggest Burns Bog event of the summer.

_D711164 resized

                The Burns Bog Conservation Society staff has worked tirelessly for several weeks leading up to the event. With a 6:30 am start time, Lauren was determined to lead the Society staff in ensuring that this was the best Jog for the Bog yet!

The early hours of the morning consisted of carrying tables, chairs, signage, and a plethora of essential items across the Planet Ice parking lot. The volunteers’ extra hands and willingness to help made work easier.

As registration opened at 8:00 am, the Jog was in full swing. Participants, speakers, and performers were arriving at the event, and exhibitors began setting up their tents.

_D711273 resied

Lauren looked around and breathed a sigh of relief. The participants are excited to start their run, and speakers and performers were getting ready just in time for their sets.

The Burns Bog Conservation Society staff would like to thank Steve Erickson, Sports Broadcaster for the Delta Cable, who emceed the event. He introduced Sunni Yoga, who made sure the participants were pumped up and ready to go before their run. He also introduced the amazing performers, Joshua Job and rapper Rob Martirosian. Joshua Job’s exquisite vocal range captivated the crowd, while Rob Martirosian’s original lyrics provoked the joggers’ minds.

Mr. Erickson also announced speakers Carla Qualtrough, Delta’s Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, as well as Ravi Kahlon, North Delta’s MLA and BC’s Parliamentary Secretary for Sport & Multiculturalism. They embody the values of sportsmanship and inclusion; values that the Burns Bog Conservation Society upholds at all their events.

Ravi Kahlon, MLA, and son

Beyond the stage, many kinds of people helped in ensuring the event flowed smoothly. Louie Maione of CCC, also known as the “King of Cones,” made sure that the participants did not lose their way during the race. Running Room supplied the runners’ bibs and TRIO Events oversaw the participants’ run times. Metro Vancouver set up a booth for families to learn about Burns Bog. Vector bars, generously donated by Marty Wanless, and Cobs Bread scones were available for participants to eat before the race. De Dutch served hot pancake breakfasts after the joggers arrived at the finish line. Without the help of these organizations, the joggers would not have enjoyed the event nearly as much as they could have.

The Burns Bog Conservation Society values all who came together to make the event fun and enjoyable. By participating in Jog for the Bog, you are helping us protect Burns Bog from development. You are helping us fund our education programs, such as the Summer Day Camps, the Stepping Into Nature Festival, and our various tour guides. Because of you, we can protect Burns Bog and create a clean, sustainable present and future, for you and your children. Thank you, and we hope to see you next year!

_D711310 resized