Citizen Science Project 

Photograph by Patrick RooneyUBC students Grace Broadfoot, Kathleen Coupland and Sarah McLaughlin have created a program that will help track the health of the bog! But we need your help to monitor bog plants!

Why monitor plants?

Bogs are unique ecosystems that are in danger with climate change. Temperature rises in North America are expected to continue. The impact of this on bog health is unknown. Some plant species bloom as soon as it becomes warm every spring. With warming climates and earlier springs, some species are blooming early. There are ecosystem-wide problems with earlier springs, including changes in plant species, changes in pest species and plant diseases, as well as disturbed ecological interactions.

By reporting to the Plant Monitoring Program, you can help researchers determine how bog plants are reacting to climate change. Discovering changes is vital for a healthy future for the bog.

You can help save the bog’s future!

For more information or to get involved in this program CLICK HERE. 

Hydrology Research in the Delta Nature Reserve

Kiirsti Owen has been monitoring the water level in the Delta Nature Reserve (on the lagg zone of Burns Bog). Check out this great video that she made about her research.

Thanks so much Kiirsti!