Happy World Wetlands Day 2017!

Happy World Wetlands Day!

All around the world people take this day to remember the great value of our natural treasures. Your wetlands are the hidden gems of nature. We do well for ourselves and the environment when we stand up for our wetlands.

Wetlands are nature’s shield and they help prevent flooding. The UN has said that natural disasters are happening more than ever and that most of them are water related.  When a natural disaster strikes, you want a wetland on your side. They have kept communities safe, saving lives and millions of dollars in repair costs.

You can see how wetlands add value to your community. They keep your community’s food source and farmer’s crops safe from floods and droughts. Wetlands act as a water filter for our fresh water lakes, a big source of your drinking water. On top of that it keeps our rivers and coastlines clean. Caring for the fish that live in them and everyone who gets food from them (like bears, or your fellow human beings)!

When you and your neighbors use wetlands you see their beauty and have a stake in their health and future. This builds connections and strengthens your community. With healthy wetlands your community has clean water, fresh air, and a place to enjoy the great outdoors!

Another big role wetlands play is as a home for hundreds of species. Each animal, plant and insect is connected to each other and your environment. To destroy a wetland is to harm every life connected to it. When we take care of wetlands and the animals that live there, we actually care for ourselves while protecting the beautiful species that call wetlands their home.

Wetlands strengthen the environment and the communities they surround. When we protect them, we make sure a higher quality of life is available for future generations and ourselves.

The world needs people like you who fight for their wetlands. Every person in this cause matters. You have done so much for Burns Bog. We hope you will continue to stand with us for a better future. We wish you and your loved ones a happy World Wetlands day!

Sincerely, Burns Bog Conservation Society

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