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72nd Street & Highway 91

The proposed development at 72nd Street and Highway 91


MK Delta Lands Group is moving forward with a proposal to develop 89 acres on the east side of Highway 91 at 72nd street, that was not part of the covenant area 2004 purchase.  This image shows you how this property is bordered on three sides by the Burns Bog Conservation Area, which is why its development will be a significant incursion on the bog’s water table, and could threaten the long-term viability of the ecosystem.

We need your help, because each time development nibbles at the edge it affects the survival of Burns Bog.  If the bog degrades further it could release over 10 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, endanger local wildlife, trigger seasonal flooding in the Delta area, and adversely impact the air quality in the entire Metro Vancouver region.  We must protect the Lungs of the Lower Mainland and stop this development.

Please take a moment to sign our petition
, which we will present to the Corporation of Delta on Oct 18th as it considers the proposal by MK Delta Lands Group.   Every signature helps us convince our councillors that this development is the wrong choice for Delta, for Metro Vancouver, and for the planet.


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Images Displayed courtesy of: Burns Bog Conservation Society, Katie Bianchin, Marlene Graham and Keven McTaggart

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