The deadline for 2014’s tax-deductible donations is December 31st at 9pm PST. 

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NST 4:30am, AST 4am,  EST Midnight,  CST 11pm, MST 10pm & 1pm GMT!

If you’re planning help save your local environment in 2014 now’s your chance!

Wondering why Burns Bog is important to you?

  1. At 3,000 hectares, Burns Bog is the largest raised peat bog in western North America next to a major city.
  2. It has been called “The Lungs of the Lower Mainland.” The bog captures and stores the emissions from the equivalent of 5.4 million cars every year.
  3. Burns Bog helps regulate climate change, storing carbon 10 times more efficiently than forests.
  4. It’s a vital stopover for over 103 species of migratory birds, like the Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, and Greater Sandhill Crane.
  5. Burns Bog is home to many endangered species like the Southern Red-backed Vole, the Greater Sandhill Crane, Owls, Eagles, and Pacific Water Shrew.


What the Burns Bog Conservation Society does on your behalf:

  1. Raises awareness about Burns Bog and the unique species of plants and animals that live within it.
  2. Maintains the beautiful Delta Nature Reserve boardwalk so you and your friends can come enjoy the beauty of your local environment
  3. Provides educational workshops, tours and summer camps to local children.Stages fun community events for you to come to.


Give now at You can also give over the phone. Call our office at 604.572.0373. We’re open from 8:30am-5:00pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturdays. We are closed December, 25, 26, and 27. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all acceptable.

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