A brief history of the Burns Bog Conservation Society


Our Roots 

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In 1988, twenty concerned citizens founded the Burns Bog Conservation Society. They along with other members of the community had successfully stopped a major development that would have seen Burns Bog put under 20 feet of landfill and converted to commercial, residential, industrial and one square mile scooped out for a deep-sea port.

The founders realized that they had won “the battle but not the war” to protect Burns Bog. In order to ensure long-term protection we continue to educate people about the ecological benefits of the Bog and raise awareness about the need to protect it for future generations.

The Society is a registered society in British Columbia (S-24249) and a registered Canadian charity (BN 12916 6682 RR0001).

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Burns Bog Conservation Society Timeline


  1. The Burns Bog Conservation Society is founded


  1. The Burns Bog Conservation Society conducted its first field trip of the Delta Nature Reserve for a group of Surrey students


  1. The Burns Bog Conservation Society becomes a registered charity


  1. Funding was secured from the Shell Oil Company and the North Delta Lions to begin re-opening trails in the Delta Nature Reserve. Boardwalk Construction in the Delta Nature Reserve begins.
  2. A Quick Guide to Burns Bog” was published. This book launched the start of the Burns Bog Conservation Societies education program.
  3. The U.K. scientist Dr. David Bellamy invited to visit Burns Bog. Dr. David Bellamy had been to Burns Bog once before in the 1970’s to gather footage for a film, but decided Burns Bog was too damaged from Peat Moss harvesting to be included in the film. Upon his 1995 return, he was shocked to see that Burns Bog was regenerating from this harvesting, telling the Society “you have proved by accident in Burns Bog the theory that the bog will regenerate within 40 years!”
  4. That August, two Burns Bog Conservation Society directors go to the Peatland Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. David Bellamy is a keynote speaker, and uses the last 30 minutes of his speech to speak about Burns Bog. His closing words here “Burns Bog must be saved”. He received a standing ovation
  5. Two resolutions were passed at the Peatland Conference. One was to have Burns Bog purchased or expropriated from the current owners, and the other was to have it declared a Ramsar site. A Ramsar site is an area of wetland as defined by water, marsh, fen or, in this case, peatland.


  1. In partnership with the UBC Alma Mater Society, Burns Bog Conservation Society holds the first “Peatlands for the People” conference. Dr. David Bellamy is the keynote speaker.
  2. The Society holds the first International Bog Day.


  1. Dr. David Bellamy accepts the Society’s invitation to be its Hon. Chair.
  2. First Jog for the Bog held on Earthday.
  3. The Society receives the Cultural Diversity award, with emphasis on the achievements of workplace inclusiveness and translation of “A Quick Guide to Burns Bog” into Punjabi and Mandarin.


  1. Burns Bog Conservation Society works with the community to successfully prevent two-thirds of Burns Bog being listed for development


  1. First Annual “Celebrating Women and the Spirit of the Cranes”. 6 women are recognized for their contributions to the community.
  2. The Burns Bog Conservation Foundation is established.


  1. 4 levels of government purchase and preserve 5621 (2275 ha) of Burns Bog.


  1. Through the work of the Burns Bog Conservation Society and the tireless effort of volunteers and supporters Burns Bog achieves RAMSAR designation.


  1. Burns Bog Conservation Society celebrates it’s 25th anniversary and launches the “Building for the Future” campaign to build a Burns Bog Nature Centre.