Pineland Peat turning into a Heavy Industrial Site?

Bog ecology could be deteriorated more
Pineland Peat Map

The Corporation of Delta is processing an application from the Beedie Development Group to rezone Pineland Peat Farms, located next to the Burns Bog Conservation Area, into a heavy industrial site.

The development would hamper the efforts to conserve internationally recognized wetlands of significance, including Burns Bog and Boundary Bay.

Pineland Peat Farms is part of Burns Bog. Delta considers it a “I3 Extraction Industrial” site due to the extensive peat mining that has taken place to “make the land suitable for future development.”

According to the White Rock and the South Surrey Naturalists, converting the 65-hectare peat farm into an industrial site would bring changes to bog hydrology due to water runoff, and introduce air, noise and light pollution into environmentally sensitive areas.

Burns Bog plays a significant role in the ecological balance of the local region. There is a great “need to protect it from increasing urban pressures and developments,” on top of the need to preserve it in the face of climate change occurrences.

The development of a “heavy industrial” site at Burns Bog reverses all efforts to conserve the wetland of international significance. The proposal of the Beedie Development Group must be reconsidered to accommodate for Burns Bog’s significance.

Pineland Peat Map