Coal Burns Bog

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Burns Bog is Threatened

  1. Fraser Surrey Docks is planning a Direct Coal Transfer Terminal. The terminal will ship 8 million metric tonnes of American coal annually.
  2. The proposed route travels beside 4 separate Ramsar wetland sites, which includes Burns Bog, Serpentine, Boundary Bay, and the South Arm Marshes.
  3. The Lower Mainland will become the largest coal exporter in all of North America at 59 million tonnes annually
  4. 174 noisy coal cars will travel through Surrey/Delta 4 times a day, losing up to a tonne of coal dust from each car.

Why Should You Care?

  1. Coal is responsible for 12, 000 emergency room visits and a billion dollars in health care costs a year. Burning coal creates smog, which is linked to asthma, nerve damage, birth defects in children and other diseases.
  2. Coal releases mercury that falls into our oceans and ends up in the fish that we eat.Burns Bog is one of the most ecologically unique regions in the world and is important to the health of your region. It is impossible to overstate the importance of our Bog. It filters CO2 from the air, cleans our water, and protects the Lower Mainland from damaging storms.
  3. Peatbogs are so important that in 2004 you paid 73 million to buy half of the remaining peatland.
  4. Coal is a known carcinogen. Coal dust will be getting into your lungs, onto your roads and choking our wetlands.
  5. If you want to lean more about the coal train issue watch THIS 10 minute video by Dr. Frank James

Most recent updates: 

Burnaby Mayor comments on the proposed expansion of the Coal Port and the “Environmental Assessment done by the scandal ridden SNC-Lavalin

Thanks to you the cities of New Westminster,  Surrey, and White Rock  and Delta were able to pass motions calling for Surrey Fraser Docks to conduct a detailed Health Assessment.

Delta council proposed that an independent committee be formed to conduct the health assessment. The committee will include a number of agencies and municipalities including Health Canada, Environment Canada, the ministries of health and environment, Metro Vancouver Air Quality, Surrey, New Westminster and White Rock.

The committee will start meeting as early as next month. This is a great step in the right direction. This could not have been done without all your support! Thank You!

We will keep you updated on any developments!

What you can do in the meantime: 

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