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Links to Further Information on Burns Bog

  1. Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area Proposed Management Plan – Presented to Delta Council on November 19, 2007. Good visuals, includes general information about Burns Bog
  2. Natural Capital in BC’s Lower Mainland: Valuing the benefits from nature – Oct 2010 by the David Suzuki Foundation. Assessing the economic value of BC’s ecosystems and Burns Bog.
  3. Global and Regional Distinctness of Burns Bog - Global and Regional Distinctness of Burns Bog Report by D Vitt L Halsey and J Doubt (University of Alberta), Dec 1999
  4. SFPR Agricultural Impacts – Prepared for the Ministry of Transportation by Summit Environmental Ltd, September 2006.
  5. Air Quality Impacts – Prepared for the Ministry of Transportation by Levelton Consultants, September 2006 Contaminated Sites Assessment - Prepared by the Ministry of Transportation, September 2006
  6. Hydrology Impacts – Prepared for the Ministry of Transportation by Golder Associates Ltd, September 2006
  7. Vegetation and Wildlife Impacts - Prepared for the Ministry of Transportation by Robertson Environmental Services Limited, September 2006
  8. Burns Bog Discussion Paper – Prepared by the Environmental Assessment Office, April 20, 2007. A 44-page document discussing the impacts the SFPR will have on Burns Bog.
  9. Greater Vancouver short-sea container shipping study - Preapred by Novacorp International & JWD Group, Jan 2005. A viable alternative to the South Fraser Perimeter Road.
  10. Envionmental Bill of Rights – A proposed law introduced in 2008 to give Canadians the legal right to a healthy environment.
  11. United Nations Environment Program – Peatlands are a quick and cost-effective measure to reduce 10% of greenhouse emissions – December 11, 2007
  12. Fire in the Bog: An Ecological Tragedy – Our honourary chair, botanist, bog ecologist, English broadcaster and writer, David Bellamy answers questions regarding the potential ecological effects of the fire on the bog.
  13. The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands- Burns Bog became an internationally recognized wetland of ecological importance in 2012. Learn what a Ramsar wetland is and why it is important.
  14. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization) on the topic of Wetlands
  1. Conservation Biology for all. Oxford University Press, 2010. A free downloadable text book.
  2. Sandhill Cranes by M Gebauer (Enviro-Pacific Consulting), December 1999
  3. Status of Wildlife Status of Wildlife in Burns Bog Delta 1999 by M Gebauer (Enviro-Pacitic Consulting)
  4. Waterbirds Burns Bog Waterbird Study by K Summers and M Gebauer (Enviro-Pacific Consulting), 1999
  5. Plant and Plant Communities Report from the 1999 Ecosystem review. Conducted by Madrone Consultants
  6. Burns Bog Ecosystem Review Geology Describes the geologic history, bedrock, surficial geology, stratigraphy, and geologic processes of Burns Bog and the surrounding area. by the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) in association with Corporation of Delta, 1999.
  7. The Paleoecology of a raised bog and associated Deltaic sediments of the Fraser River Delta - Uses core sampling to determine the ecological history of Burns Bog. Written in 1973. Useful resource for students.
  8. Water Chemistry - Burns Bog Ecosystem Review Water Chemistry Report March 2000
  9. Hydrology Report Burns Bog Ecosystem Review Hydrology Report by EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd February 2000