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Fight the LNG Expansion in Delta before it is too late!


Why is Delta agreeing to the expansion of the LNG plant on the Fraser River? Why is Delta not fighting to stop the building of a wharf for LNG tankers in the Fraser River?

The real question is, why is Delta willing to put your life and your family’s at risk? Why is Delta willing to place the largest salmon-bearing river in the world at risk?

No one wants an LNG plant in their backyard. Sign the petition to help us fight the LNG plant expansion, the second pipeline, and the building of a wharf for LNG tankers in Delta, British Columbia.

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HELP! Our volunteers are suffering from sticky lips and dry tongues!

Our envelope sealing machine reached the end of its life this year after 19 years of service. The sealing machine was old when we got it. In fact, it was so old that Pitney Bowes refused to service it! Last month, our volunteers sealed over 5,000 envelopes! This month, they will be sealing over 8,500 envelopes! The Society’s amazing volunteers need your help to buy a new sealing machine. YOU can help make this happen! Envelope sealing machines  cost a whopping $8,000! Your gift of $25 or more goes a long way in buying a new sealing machine. With a sealing machine, you will be able to get important letters quicker. You will have our volunteers’ eternal appreciation. Help our volunteers gain their taste buds back! You can save them from this horrid fate. Help get our volunteers the sealing machine they need!

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