Burns Bog. Photo Credit: Katie Bianchin

“A Bog’s Life” Art Contest is extended to March 18, 2016

The Burns Bog Conservation Society will be having its first ever Art Contest! “A Bog’s Life” is open to all Delta School District Students. Children can produce any form of art to illustrate Burns bog’s environment, wildlife, The Delta Nature Reserve, or anything else that gets their attention during their visit.

The Prize Breakdown will be as follows:

Grade categories will be:

-          Kindergarten to Grade 3

-          Grades 4 to Grades 7

-          Grades 8 to Grades 10

-          Grades 11 to Grades 12

Art forms will be divided into 4 categories:

-          Paintings/Drawings

-          Short Stories/Poetry

-          Photography/Video

-          3D (nest, sculpture, pottery, structure)

The deadline to enter is extended to March 18, 2016.

Awards will be presented at The Pilgrimage to Burns Bog on April 24, 2016. Details for this event will be announced soon. There will be a public showing of art entries at Scottsdale Centre.

Art can be submitted to our office:

4-7953 120th Street

Delta, BC V4C 6P6



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