Burns Bog Trail

The Boardwalk in the Delta Nature Reserve

Visit Burns Bog!

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If you want to visit Burns Bog on your own you are welcome to walk the scenic boardwalk paths of the Delta Nature Reserve.

You can reach the Delta Nature Reserve by car, transit and bike. It is open 365 days a year. Park at 10388 Nordel Court, the parking lot of Planet Ice, in Delta. You can walk, bike, or use your wheelchair on the 2km wooden boardwalk trail.

Dogs are allowed on the trail. Keep them on leash- it’s safer and some of the rare plants are smaller than a dogs paw, so please keep your dogs on the boardwalk. Remember to pick up after them. We often take school-groups through and, fun as it is to explain the different types of fungus growing on dog poop, we’d rather not have to clean it up. Thanks!

Explore Burns Bog in style! Come to our next public tour or book a field trip! Enjoy an interpretive tour of the the Delta Nature Reserve- the public portion of Burns Bog!


The Delta Nature Reserve can be tricky to find, but it’s well worth the effort when you get there. Please follow the directions on the map below:

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Reaching the trails from Planet Ice:

1) From 10388 Nordel Court, walk to the eastern side of the planet ice building where you find a brick path.

2) If you are taking a tour, wait here for your guide. If not, go north along the red brick path for 1 minute.

3) Follow the red brick path around as it takes you underneath the Nordel Way overpass.

4) When you are standing under the overpass you will see a gravel road and a brown kiosk to the south. Step off the brick path and walk south along the gravel path towards the kiosk.

5) Keep walking south along the gravel path for about 10 minutes. When you pass under the electric tower you should see the boardwalk ahead on your right with a boardwalk map.

Map from Planet Ice to Burns Bog Boardwalk

Did you Know? The Burns Bog Conservation Society is responsible for the maintenance of the boardwalk. A committed team of volunteers repairs planks, nails down grates and monitors the boardwalk regularly. If you would like to volunteer and help to repair the boardwalk contact info@burnsbog.org, if you would like to donate to maintain it click HERE