Want to Get Paid for Your Research on Peatlands?

If you or the organization you work for is seeking funding for peatland research, then you may be interested in this years’ Peatland Grant from the International Peatland Society (IPS). In memory of Allan Robertson, First Honorary President of the IPS in 2015, the International Peatland Society has launched grants of up to € 500 (or $700 Canadian) to peatland research. The grant is also open to international applicants. So whether you need new research equipment, or money to cover your travel costs, you can apply for this funding to help with your research.

The deadline for applications is April 30th. Please apply DIRECTLY through their website. The Burns Bog Conservation Society wishes you the best in your application! For more information, visit the International Peatlands Society website at:


Please note that this funding is not provided by the Burns Bog Conservation Society.



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